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Narrative Science is humanizing data like never before, with technology that interprets your data, then transforms it into insightful, natural language narratives at unprecedented speed and scale. Turn your data into an actionable, powerful asset you can use to make better decisions, improve interactions with customers, and empower your employees.


Instead of time spent manually analyzing, interpreting, and communicating insights from data, imagine freeing your people to spend time on higher value tasks. Quill makes it possible. Powered by Natural Language Generation (NLG), Quill delivers insightful narratives for the enterprise, automatically transforming data into contextually-relevant information that reflects the tone and language of your business.

Dynamic Narratives

Dynamic Narratives make Business Intelligence smarter. By integrating NLG into data visualization platforms, Dynamic Narratives empower your data analytics users to understand and communicate the most relevant insights, in language that is easy to consume and updates in real-time throughout the data discovery process. 

Natural Language Generation

A subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Generation (NLG) creates automated, data-driven communications. In its simplest form, NLG turns structured data into text. But our patented approach takes it further-- using your intent as its guide, it generates timely, relevant, and intuitive information to communicate what is most important in your data-- automatically transforming insights into human-sounding narratives at machine scale.


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“Narrative Science's tools are helping us continue our legacy in how we serve members virtually. Those tools can take data and convert it into insights that our members can use to help manage their financial lives.”

- Chief Innovation Officer, USAA

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