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Our Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology automatically transforms data into relevant, human-sounding narratives that explain what is most interesting and important. Armed with intuitive and timely information, you can empower your employees and customers to be data driven without needing to be experts in data analysis - so they can make better, faster decisions.

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Insightful, data-driven narratives 

Our NLG goes beyond stating facts from data. It expresses the most relevant information by using your intent, or what you want to communicate, as its guide. Select a highlighted phrase below to see the benefits of our data-driven narratives.

Intent-first NLG is


Articulates the most interesting and important ideas.


Contains accurate information in which the relevant data access, analysis and data-driven decision are fully auditable.


Delivers actionable and insightful knowledge to your readers.


Explains ideas in a human-sounding way that is easy to consume and understand.


Speaks in the language and context of your business: using your terms and conveying information in your desired format.

Margins Soar, Driven by an Increase in Unit Sales

Total margin in the United States is way up through June of 2016, climbing to $306M, an 80.71% increase over 2015. The increase was driven by an additional 10,022 in unit sales. Turnover jumped by 38.75% to $1B, due to a significantly higher average sale price; the average unit sold was $18,604 in 2016, up from $16,007 last year. The average margin percentage on each sale also increased substantially, as the turnover per unit dwarfed the additional COGS and VME.


Blog Post


"A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but concise descriptions and annotations can help people understand and better interpret data. Natural language generation (NLG) technology interprets data and offers background context or analysis through textual descriptions."

—Constellation Reasearch, How Machine Learning and AI will Change BI & Analytics

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