Empower your enterprise with automated narratives

Elevate data discovery, mobile BI, and reporting by integrating actionable stories that explain insights within data and visualizations. With Narratives for MicroStrategy, spend time acting on better decisions, instead of manually analyzing, interpreting, and explaining information to others.


speed to insights

Insights in seconds

Receive dynamic narratives automatically without leaving MicroStrategy’s platform

smart data discovery

Elevated smart data discovery

Explore drivers of your business by interacting with narrative explanations fueled by advanced analytics

data at scale

Stories delivered at scale

Tailor narratives by audience, choosing your preferred format, level of detail, and word choice to enhance variability

“Our partnership with Narrative Science enables us to innovate how enterprises explore data. With Narratives for MicroStrategy, we empower enterprises with smart data discovery capabilities and the means to instantly deliver meaningful information through our platform.”

—Hugh Owen, Senior Vice President, Product Marketing, MicroStrategy Inc.

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