Create data-driven narratives for the enterprise

Narrative Science’s NLG Platform is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our products, Quill and Dynamic Narratives, run on AWS and take advantage of the scalability, reliability, and run-time efficiency of AWS, as well as the data security and privacy afforded by AWS Lambda. Narrative Science achieved AWS Machine Learning (ML) Competency status in November of 2017. This designation recognizes Narrative Science’s ability to deliver innovative and secure artificial intelligence solutions to enterprises that use AWS cloud computing services.


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Increase operational efficiency

Spend more time on high-value activities by automating manual processes around data analysis and reporting.

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Spur innovation

Create new products, increase customer engagement, and improve methods for consuming data insights by integrating NLG into your digital product interfaces.

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Scale efforts

Quill delivers personalization at scale with narratives that are relevant to any intended audience with an NLG engine that can handle massive data volumes.

“Narrative Science is an industry leader in NLG technology and has been a trusted APN Partner for many years. We see many benefits for our customers that deploy NLG applications running on AWS and with Narrative Science in the AWS Competency Program, customers will be able to glean more insight into their data with greater scalability and agility”

—Joseph Spisak,

Global Lead for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Partnerships, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

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