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Our diverse partner network continues to evolve, featuring best-in-class technology, reseller and alliance partners that—together with our NLG-powered solutions—can be a difference-maker for your business.


Amazon Web Services

Narrative Science cloud products are hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, an extremely reliable and secure cloud computing environment that enables you to deliver data quickly and securely.



Analytics8 is a premier big data and analytics consulting firm that helps organizations make smart, data-driven decisions by translating their data into meaningful and actionable information. Analytics8 partners with Narrative Science help its clients gain real-time insights with narratives that enhance Qlik Sense visualizations.


Analytics 10

Analytics 10 has more than 10 years of Business Intelligence experience, thousands of hours of BI implementation and development, and hundreds of customers making better business decisions with their help. Analytics 10 works with Narrative Science to empower their customers to transform their data into written narratives with the power of Narratives for Qlik.


Axis Group

Axis partners with best-of-breed technology vendors to provide solutions in various industries to help their customers find better ways to harvest their vast information assets. Axis Group is partnering with Narrative Science to sell and service Narratives for Qlik to help their customers communicate the stories hidden in Qlik Sense visualizations.



Bardess is a value-added Qlik Partner and Management Consulting firm with an established team of senior consultants, solution architects and data scientists with over 20 years of success in providing data driven-solutions to clients in a variety of industries. Bardess partners with Narrative Science to help clients automatically generate actionable insights from Qlik Sense visualizations for better decision-making.



BICG is an Australian firm that designs and implements business intelligence and data warehousing applications and tools, implements Microsoft SharePoint, and develops cloud strategies. BICG helps clients translate Power BI data into powerful, dynamic narratives that democratize data understanding across organizations.


BizData Pty Ltd

BizData is a premier Microsoft Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing services provider based in Australia focused on implementing customer solutions based on Microsoft technology. BizData works with Narrative Science to help clients generate instant, actionable insights powered by Narratives for Power BI that help them make meaningful decisions.



ClearStory Data helps business users access, blend data, and see business-ready insights in minutes. ClearStory Data is working with Narrative Science to integrate NLG within its platform, empowering organizations to consume data in new ways.



Deloitte provides audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, tax and related services to clients around the world. Deloitte is using Quill to automatically identify insights and generate narrative reports related to customer profitability and retention, budget optimization, internal operations and financial reporting quality for clients.


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F2 Strategy

F2 Strategy helps investment managers and software firms innovate and discover insights for their firm and clients, enabling them to navigate the rapidly changing wealth management landscape. F2 Strategy uses Quill to enhance the investor experience by automating personalization at scale.



FactSet delivers the world’s best investment insight and information through superior analytics, service, content and technology. Integrated into FactSet's Publisher platform, Quill automatically creates portfolio commentary that helps you get to market faster.


Learn how to simplify the portfolio commentary writing process.


See how our alliance with FactSet elevates client reporting.



Indix provides the world’s largest set of structured product information. By transforming Indix's comprehensive catalogue of product information into automated product descriptions with Quill, digital merchants can immediately receive SEO-friendly product content for millions of SKUs.


IPC Global

Since 1998, IPC Global has offered products, service, training, hosting and support solutions as an Enterprise Systems Integrator. IPC Global is a Qlik Elite Solution Provider and an Authorized QlikView Training Partner working with Narrative Science to help their customers tell stories with intelligent narratives


IT Maker

IT Maker is a leading Argentinian consultancy firm with a highly experienced team that specializes in Qlik View and Qlik Sense implementations. IT Maker sells and services Narratives for Qlik to help clients tell stories hidden in their data.


LARK infolab

LARKinfolab provides consulting services in the Benelux in the fields of data engineering, data analytics, Business Intelligence and information design. The company focuses on helping customers uncover critical business insights hidden in their data. LARKinfolab works with Narrative Science to leverage the power of Qlik Sense with written narratives. Together this forms a strong combination which helps customers to quickly and fully understand there data and to utilize data driven decision-making.


Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful and accessible suite of data analytics tools. Narratives for Power BI delivers Intelligent Narratives that explain the insights within Power BI's data and visualizations, empowering you to be smarter about what's in your data.


See Narratives for Power BI in action.  


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MicroStrategy provides powerful software platforms that empower enterprises to analyze data and securely distribute actionable insights. Narratives for MicroStrategy delivers elevated start data discovery by instantly generating shareable narrative insights from data and visualizations.


Modernising Management

Modernising Management is a leading Business Intelligence provider that provides comprehensive advisory, software implementation, training, and support services. The company provides clients with Narratives for Qlik, enabling them to shorten time to insight and make informed, data-driven decisions.



Monsun is a consulting firm with offices in Spain and Argentina helping companies leverage QlikView and Qlik Sense surface relevant information to make better decisions. Monsun sells and services Narratives for Qlik, enabling clients to identify hidden insights, faster, so they can spend more time on higher value-add activities.


GeoSpark Analytics

GeoSpark Analytics is a leader in technology innovation for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. GeoSpark Analytics is partnering with Narrative Science to integrate NLG into BlueGlass™, the company's location-based intelligence system that delivers real-time insights through situational awareness, anomaly alerting, and reporting of potentially risky activities.



Qlik® delivers intuitive solutions for self-service data visualization. Narratives for Qlik® transforms Qlik Sense charts and graphs into actionable narratives that jumpstart analysis and take you from data to insights faster.


See Narratives for Qlik in action.


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Ometis Limited

Ometis is the UK’s largest dedicated Qlik consultancy, providing organisations with the BI insight and tools they need to unlock the full potential of their data and make more informed business decisions. Ometis enables clients to leverage Narratives for Qlik to be more productive with automated narratives that highlight important and interesting insights.


Prima Consulting

For over 25 years, Prima Consulting, a leading Qlik Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner, has been providing solutions to clients across a wide range of industries. Prima Consulting is a Narratives for Qlik and Power BI Solution Provider enabling efficient and effective data discovery solution for clients.


Rond Software & Maintenance

Founded in 2007, Rond provides consulting services and software solutions to help companies of all sizes develop a Business Intelligence strategy. Rond is a Narratives for Qlik Solution Provider that helps clients engage in smart data discovery with dynamic, intelligent narratives.



SAP BusinessObjects Lumira is a powerful, self-service data visualization software for everyone. Narratives for BI™, SAP BusinessObjects Lumira edition, transforms data into powerful, sharable narratives that help organizations make smarter decisions.


See Narratives for BI, SAP BusinessObjects Lumira edition, in action.


Learn more about Narratives for BI, SAP BusinessObjects Lumira edition.


Satsuma Solutions Pty Ltd

Since 1999, Satsuma has been providing clients with agile, simple solutions that help clients solve complex business problems. Satsuma provides clients with Narratives for Qlik to help them translate complex visualizations into dynamic, insightful narratives.


SDG Group

SDG Group is a global management consulting firm, having a leading vision in the practices of Business Analytics and Corporate Performance Management. Offering the most innovative and comprehensive Management Consulting & Analytics solutions, thanks to the support of its strong alliances built with technology partners.


SME Solutions Group

Based out of Tampa, Florida, SME Solutions Group provides consulting, project management, and strategic development support to large organizations across the country. SME Solutions Group is a Qlik Solution Provider and Reseller selling and serving Narratives for Qlik to help customers easily and quickly tell the stories hidden in their data.



With offices in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Arkansas, Solve helps organizations make more money by equipping their people to do the right, smart, and profitable thing as often as possible in every action they take. Solve delivers Narratives for Qlik to customers to help them quickly identify data insights so they can focus more on driving business forward.



Sisense simplifies business analytics for complex data by providing a single, complete tool to analyze and visualize large, disparate data sets without IT resources. Quill powers Sisense Everywhere, a program that enables users to engage in a two-way dialogue with their data.



Tableau® offers an innovative suite of business analytics products. With Narratives for Tableau™, automatically generate meaningful stories about data visualizations, so you can spend less time interpreting and more time putting those insights to action.


See Narratives for Tableau in action.


See how storytelling has evolved over the years.



Teambase is a multi-disciplinary software services company based in Dubai that helps businesses get the most out of what technology has to offer, by designing, developing and deploying advanced technology solutions. Teambase sells and services Narratives for Power BI to help SEMs and corporations tell the stories hidden in their data and leverage their BI deployments.


Vantage Data

Vantage is a data analytics company based in the UK, with operations in South Africa, whose mission is to deliver value to organizations through data analytics. Vantage works with Narrative Science to help clients turn raw data into insightful, actionable insights.



Velocity is one of Hong Kong's leading data analytics firms and a Qlik Elite Solution provider since 2010. The company works with top executives to help them make better decisions that translate into actionable outcomes. Velocity sells and services Narratives for Qlik to enable customers to identify hidden insights faster, helping them make better decisions.


Vermilion Software

The leading global provider of client reporting and communications software and services to the financial services industry, Quill integrates with the Vermilion Reporting Suite to provide automated, insightful portfolio commentary on day one of the quarter.


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Visual Data Group

Visual Data Group, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is comprised of a team of certified technical and business consultants that helps customers see the whole story in their data. Visual Data Group sells and services Narratives for Qlik, helping customers accelerate time to insight with dynamic narratives.

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