Meeting your enterprise challenges with data-driven narratives

Whether its streamlining manual reporting processes with automated narratives, increasing adoption of BI & analytics by integrating data-driven stories, or differentiating digital products with engaging language interfaces, leading enterprises are utilizing our NLG products to transform their data into a powerful asset-- relevant and intuitive stories delivered at machine scale.

Learn how Deloitte uses our NLG technology to better serve clients.

Our NLG products: Quill and Dynamic Narratives

Custom Narrative Reporting at Scale

Quill is the NLG platform that enterprises use for comprehensive narrative reporting and personalized customer communications. Quill is taught to analyze, interpret, and communicate insights from your data with the tone, language, and domain understanding of your business.

Interactive, Integrated Narratives

Dynamic Narratives seamlessly integrate into your data analytics tools, dynamically explaining insights in consumable language. Dynamic Narratives are available as out-of-the-box extensions for leading BI platforms, as well as an API that can be integrated into any data visualization environment.

Be data-driven without needing to be a data expert

Enterprises have invested significantly in data analytics technologies, yet still struggle giving employees and customers the information they need to make everyday decisions. Instead of requiring everyone to be skilled at analyzing and interpreting data, leading companies use our NLG products to:

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Save Time

Spend less time on manual reporting tasks by automatically communicating what is most relevant in data.

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Innovate Quickly

Drive customer engagement and spur product innovation by integrating NLG into your product offerings.

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Scale Efforts

Personalize communications to millions by producing data-driven narratives at machine-scale.

“A massive amount of time and effort has been spent in gathering data and no human can look at all of it. Narrative Science offers us opportunities to more efficiently sift through large amounts of data and bring out insights more quickly.”

—Craig Muraskin, Managing Director of Innovation, Deloitte

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