Increase adoption of data analytics with Dynamic Narratives

Despite large investments in data analytics tools, adoption remains low as users struggle to interpret and share the most relevant information. Increase adoption of BI by seamlessly integrating NLG into your data analysis environment, automating the interpretation and communication of insights into intuitive, actionable language.

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Dynamic Narratives automatically transform data and visualizations into insightful stories—making insights easier to consume and act upon. Simply interact with your data, charts, and graphs to receive real-time explanations, powered by advanced analytics, that can be easily shared. Integrate Dynamic Narratives into any data analytics environment via API or leverage our out-of-the-box NLG extensions for leading BI platforms.

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“By 2020, natural-language generation and artificial intelligence will be a standard feature of 90% of modern BI platforms.”

—Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms, February 2017

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