Empower your employees to make better decisions, faster

All the time your employees spend analyzing data, interpreting insights, writing reports. They could be creating new products or finding new customers. NLG is changing how the process—and your people—work. Empowering your employees with the relevant insights to make better decisions, faster than ever. 

See how people are augmenting expertise with artificial intelligence.

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Dynamic Narratives for Business Intelligence

Go from data to decision faster, with narratives that easily integrate into virtually any BI platform. Dynamic Narratives automatically explain data and visualizations, pinpointing what’s most interesting and important, and communicating in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand.

See how Dynamic Narratives increases adoptopn of BI & analytics.

Business performance reporting

Business performance reports and analytics technology are only useful if you actually use them. And you won’t, if you still have to interpret and explain the data, and make it scalable. Reduce the time you spend creating reports. Quill writes them for you—automatically, at scale, in conversational language that anyone can relate to.

See how NLG makes it possible.


Reports people
will want
to read

Deliver narratives that highlight what's most important and interesting to each individual employee.


Let your employees focus on their work, not on analyzing spreadsheets and interpreting charts.

at scale

Get narratives that focus on what matters to you, executive performance summaries or in-depth reports.

“Narrative Science’s artificial intelligence system, Quill, analyzes raw data and generates natural language, writing reports in seconds that readers would assume were written by a human author.”

—McKinsey & Company, Four Fundamentals of Workplace Automation




See our business performance reporting solutions in action

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